NEED #5902 | Vehicle for Local Uber Driver

$500 Goal


WATAUGA | We are partnering with WAMY Community Action along with several other local agencies to assist a local Uber driver whose car is no longer drivable. This young woman relies on her vehicle for her livlihood and is in need of a new vehicle in order to keep working. She was laid off due to COVID and is now living in a camper and Uber had become her primary source of income. WAMY has found a suitable used vehicle, and several agencies are pooling their resources together to help pay for it. We have pledged $500 from our High Country Transportation Fund, and would like to raise an additional $500 to go toward the total cost of the car. If you would like to contribute toward this need and help get this woman back on the road and back to work, donations can be made via the button below. Thank you!