High Country Transportation Fund

$30000 Goal


We've all been there - a sudden rattling in the engine, a flat tire, a car that won't start. There are few feelings more immediately stressful than facing a potentially expensive car repair. The impact is even greater when you're already living paycheck to paycheck - a broken down car can cause folks to miss work, school, or be unable to travel to doctors appointments, turning an already bad situation into an even worse one by keeping folks from the very income they rely on to live. Transportation needs can be expensive, and very few organizations help with car repairs. These needs are often time sensitive and difficult to fill through individual fundraising because of their high cost. That's why we've established the High Country Transportation Fund to cover emergency car repairs so we can get folks in need back on the road and back to work before the siutation becomes even worse. 100% of donations to this fund will go directly toward filling emergency car repairs for folks in our area to prevent transportation needs from putting struggling folks in an even more difficult position. If you would like to contribute toward this fund, donations can be made via the button below.