Back to School Festival

Help local children be CONFIDENT and PREPARED when the school year begins.

August 2015

Connecting Community

We work with agencies across the community to find out about those needs that can truly impact someone’s life.  We believe in the smallest acts of kindness have the ability to change one’s reality.  We operate as a “digital forum,” through which members of our group can respond to needs directly, creating meaningful impact at a grassroots level.

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Back to School Festival

The 2014 Back to School Festival is currently in full planning mode.  Click here to learn more about how this event changed the lives of so many in our community, and how the building blocks of a better tomorrow begin by providing children the opportunity to succeed in their educational pursuits.

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Discover the Needs

Through our trusted referral partners, you can rest assured that any need we post here is genuine.  Thousands in our community struggle with poverty and too often are unable or unwilling to receive help.  But our community has come together, through the effort of Quiet Givers like you, to change that too often cycle of despair.  Find out how you can today.

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Changing Reality

Changing yours or someone else’s reality is no small feat, until you perform a small, simple act of anonymous kindness.  This has been our experience for the last 3+ years and it continues to happen daily.  The opportunity to impact the lives of those less fortunate in your community is possible now.  Will you take this chance?

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Your Donation Matters

We have streamlined our administrative process so we can be a fully functioning organization with very minimal overheard per month.  We have networked with many different organizations and individuals that are very generous with their time and resources to ensure needs posted through Quiet Givers are met.  Be a part of a grassroots organization which strengthens our community.

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  • Overhead 3.5%
  • Annual 1.5%

If life is a game, then aren't we all on the same team?

– Kid President

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