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Quiet Givers is an official nonprofit and can offer receipts for tax purposes.

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We never want to be a nonprofit that overwhelms the public with fundraising efforts so we really appreciate unsolicited (quiet) donations. We have very low overhead but donations are welcomed to help us with administrative costs of running a group like ours. We are unique in that we offer members a chance to give directly to the needs that speak to each of them in order to encourage the act of giving to enhance the experience. Recurring monthly payments of any amount help us know how to plan for the year ahead while also ensuring the longevity of our group.

General Fund: Nonprofit funding is tricky! It is often very hard to find money to fund things other than projects which causes an organization to have to conduct fundraisers in order to cover the costs of doing business. Donation to our “General Fund” is a huge support to the community because it allows us to keep our focus on what we do best, serving the needs. These donations will ensure that Quiet Givers can continue to operate while also working to improve our efforts and collaborate on projects in the community. This fund helps us with administrative costs of operating our organization. Any amount you give will be put to good use. Recurring payment (in any amount) is even more effective because it allows us to budget for the year ahead. Here are some examples of things your money will help with: accounting, web hosting, office supplies, liability insurance, mail box, printing projects, volunteer/awareness events etc.

Flex Needs Fund: This fund will allow us to respond quickly to needs that need immediate assistance while we wait for funds to come in from givers. We may also use this money to help pay for delivery fees, transfer fees for PayPal, or to top off a total amount needed for a specific need. Our matching program will help us serve larger financial needs that our givers may have trouble meeting. Our board of directors and possibly even our givers will determine if/when we use this money. This fund will only be used in circumstances for needs that are referred by appropriate agencies.

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Quiet Givers does have a board of directors. To find out more about our board members click here.

Quiet Givers is a 501(c)3 and can offer receipts for tax purposes.

Disclaimer: Any funds received by Quiet Givers over and above the budget of the solicited
purpose will be put into Quiet Givers flex fund for needs.

We work from home so our physical address cannot be listed.