What is Quiet Givers, Inc.?

Quiet Givers , Inc. is based off of the thought of anonymity. When you give anonymously it allows you to give without distorting the motive, which is truly powerful. Giving is a beautiful thing when it is truly about serving the person in need and not about trying to earn favor with people watching. Understanding the reality of others and responding with compassion and empathy in a practical way can be life changing for everyone involved.


Quiet Givers Inc. is a group created to serve the people of Watauga County. It is a source for people to find out about specific needs in the community and do something about them. Area nonprofits, social workers, schools and other community organizations send us needs that they are having trouble meeting through existing funds or programs. Our connection to the local community allows us to meet needs in creative ways in order to change the reality of local people who are genuinely struggling.


Join Us

Quiet Givers, Inc. offers you a real look into the lives of Watauga County localsĀ and offers a chance to make a difference by helping with a specific need or getting ideas for bigger projects to help our community. Join us! You might be surprised how you can help!

We are incorporated and an official 501c3. We have a board of directors and are excited about the future of this group.

Connected Community. Changed Reality.