Whether you are looking to mentor a child, make a meal, sweep a driveway or just help facilitate a need, there are plenty of opportunities to serve in our community. We hope to connect you with resources to help you find your place in servicing Watauga County and beyond.

We post needs for volunteers and also take your information in case a need arises and you want us to know what you can do.  We have identified a few gaps in services that we need help with at various times throughout the year.  Check out the information below on specific areas to volunteer.

Help Wanted:

Often needs in our community do not require money but just your time or talent.  This is your opportunity to connect with people in Watauga County in a deeper way; to find out more about local agencies and needs they serve through a first hand experience.  Check out our needs page to see if such a need is available that is a match for your time and talents.  Volunteer to make a difference!

Help with QG Deliveries

Every once in a while Quiet Givers gets needs where something needs to be transported from point A to point B.  We may need clothing to be picked up from a donation point or a bed picked up and delivered to a person in need or a washing machine etc.  Interested? Contact us and let us know!

Back 2 School Festival

The Back 2 School Festival is a community project created to bring relief to families that are struggling to meet the demands of back to school shopping.  Volunteers can help the day the event or throughout the year on planning and action committees.  Volunteer and get involved!

Western Watauga Food Distribution

The Western Watauga Food Outreach Project started in 2015.  This is a collective mission involving many volunteers and agencies, Quiet Givers being one of these agency’s in our community.  Western Watauga County is considered to be a food desert.  There are so many people who go hungry due to a lack of easy access to food. We welcome anyone who is interested in helping with this project.  Read the entire call to action and find out more information!