Needs and Updates:

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FILLED! Rental Assistance for Disabled Woman

We are currently working with a disabled client who needs immediate help with rent or she will lose her home. We are asking for $250 toward this need. Thank you for any and all help you may be able to provide.

FILLED! Mortgage Assistance

We are asking for help for a woman who is recovering from an injury and has fallen behind on her mortgage payments because she has been unable to work. We are requesting $348 to help cover this need so that she does not lose her house. Thank you!

FILLED! New Tires Needed

We are currently looking for 4 new or gently used tires for a 2013 Nissan Sentra. Tire size: 205/50 R 17 89 V. If anyone has any, or would be able to donate toward the cost of a new set, please let us know. Thank you!

FILLED! Breaker Repair for Elderly Woman

This week we are working with a disabled, elderly woman who needs help with changing 3 electrical breakers in her home. If anyone can assist us with this, please let us know. This is an urgent need, as she has much needed repairs to her home that are on hold until...

FILLED! Gas cards for family with sick child

We are currently working with a family with a young child who has a rare condition that will require major surgery in Charlotte. They will be travelling back and forth to Charlotte over the course of around 3 weeks, and we would like to help them with their gas. We...

FILLED! Deposit payment for single mom

We are currently working with a single mother who needs to find new housing with her children due to circumstances beyond her control. We want to help her with a security deposit of $525.

FILLED! Rent payment for single mom

We have a single mother with two children who needs help with rent this month. She recently lost a roommate who was paying half the bills, and it has put her in a tight spot. We need $296 to fill this need.

FILLED! Car Repair for Single Mom

We are working with a single mother who is in need of getting her car working before winter.  She is in need of a new transmission for the car. The total cost will be around $1,500.00 to get the car up and running. Mom is going to help with some of the cost but will...

FILLED! Deposit for homeless couple

We have a couple that is trying to get emergency assistance to put down a deposit for an apartment. They have been homeless for a while now, and have finally been able to secure housing thanks to other agencies. However, they need $400 for the deposit. Another agency...

FILLED! Furnace repair for disabled woman

We are working with a disabled woman who needs her furnace repaired before the winter. The first estimate the client received appraised the cost of the repairs at $2,000. Please let us know if you are able to help, or if you know anyone who may be able to assist in...