Needs and Updates:

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FILLED! Rent for Disabled Woman

We are currently working with a disabled woman who is struggling to make February's rent. We need $475 by Friday in order to take care of this need on time. If you can contribute any amount toward this need, please click the "donate" link at the top of the page. Thank...

FILLED! Tuition Help for Single Mom

We are working with a single mom who is trying to better her circumstances by attending college classes. She is $185 short on her tuition for her final semester. She is in good standing and this is all she needs to complete her program of study. If she is unable to...

FILLED! Car Repair for Single Mom

We have a new need this week - a single mom with multiple children is in dire need of car repairs. We are currently waiting on an estimate from our mechanic, but we know this will be a large need. If you able to donate toward this need, please follow the link below....

FILLED! Car Insurance for Elderly Client

We are currently working with an elderly client who is living on a fixed income, and needs help paying for their car insurance. They currently have no form of transportation until their insurance bill is paid. We are hoping to collect $167.40 to cover this need.

FILLED! Single Mom Needs Assistance with Rent

We have a single mom who is struggling to make January's rent. We would like to help her start the New Year out right by covering the $550 she owes for January. If you can help us, please follow the "donate" link at the top of the page. Thank you!

FILLED! Electric Deposit

We are currently seeking $384.75 to help a woman in need pay for an electrical deposit at her new home.

FILLED! Family Car Repair

This week we are working with a family who is struggling to make ends meet. On top of everything, their car has stopped working, and needs some major repairs to get back on the road. We have had the car examined by a trusted mechanic, who has priced the repair at...

FILLED! Broken Water Heater

We have a need this week from the Project on Aging. They have an elderly client whose hot water heater is broken, and cannot afford to have it fixed. They have contacted some area agencies, who have been unable to help. Is there anyone who has access to a hot water...

FILLED! Bus Ticket For Homeless Man

We are trying to help a homeless man return to his family out of state by purchasing a bus ticket for him. We need $252 to cover this need. Thank you!

FILLED! Mortgage Assistance for Single Mom

Today we are working with a single mom who needs urgent help with her mortgage for this month. Family obligations have left her unable to pay the complete amount, and in order to keep the account current she needs $120 by December 15. If you are able to help, please...