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FILLED! #344 – Financial Help for Mother & Son

NEED #344 | WATAUGA – A woman's son has been sick and admitted for an extended period of time to the hospital. During the time he is in the hospital, she will be unable to work, and thus have no income. We're looking for help with her rent, electric bill, and car...

FILLED! #340 – Rent & Electric Bill for family

UPDATE: $376.68 Remaining to fill this need. NEED #340 | AVERY - We are working with a family of four who are behind on rent and electric. The husband suffers from seizures due to a grave brain injury and is unable to work. They need $525.18 in order to get back on...

FILLED! NEED #336 – Domestic Abuse Assistance

UPDATE: NEED FILLED Need #336 | ASHE Everyone deserve a safe place. We are asking for 600.00 to help a domestic abuse victim with various expenses.


Filled! Need #332 | WATAUGA – We are working with an elderly disabled couple that are in serious need of an AC unit. The husband is a veteran and the wife is in heart failure, so we are trying to fill this right away. We have one priced at $90.00, please donate what...

FILLED! Rent Assistance

FILLED! Need #330 | WATAUGA - We are trying to help a single mother and her son move out of a difficult living situation. They need $575.00 to settle into a better place right away. Please donate through the Donation button above!

Water Heater

CLOSED. Need #328 | ASHE - We are working with a disabled woman who is in need of a replacement electric water heater. She has been unable to use hot water in her home. If you have or know someone who has a 40 gallon electric water heater to donate, please let us...

FILLED! #314 Car Repair

NEED #314 | WATAUGA - We are currently working with disabled elderly client who is in need of help getting her vehicle repaired.  She is on a fixed income and the parts and labor to have this completed will cost $149.80. We are looking to fill this immediately and any...

FILLED! #327 Heater Help

FILLED! Need #327 | WATAUGA - We are currently helping an elderly couple with a broken gas heater in their home. The cost for repair is $95.14, please donate what you can! Original Need: $95.14

Car Repair (CLOSED)

(CLOSED) Need #326 | WATAUGA - A woman with a kidney disease needs her car repaired in order to get to and from dialysis 3 times a week. We are helping her with $158.00, please donate today!

FILLED! #321 Plumbing Repair

(UPDATE) NEED #321 | WATAUGA – We are working with a disabled woman in Blowing Rock who needs her kitchen sink repaired. We are helping her pay $236.46 for this need. Any help would be greatly appreciated. You can contribute through the Donation button above and note...