Needs and Updates:

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FILLED! Home Items for Single Mother

We are currently working with a single mother who is fleeing a domestic violence situation, who is in need of some household items for her new home.  We are seeking a single bed, sheets, pillows, blankets/bedspreads, dressers, a couch, table and chairs, towels, etc....

FILLED! Family in Need

We are currently working with a mother who is undergoing cancer treatments, and has come up short on her electric bill this month. If she does not pay $170 by this Friday, March 3, her electricity will be shut off and she could lose her family's housing subsidy.

FILLED! New Tires for Disabled Patient

We are working with a disabled patient who is on a fixed income and has had a rough time financially due to medical expenses. Their condition requires frequent trips out of town for care, but their tires are currently so worn that they are unable to drive their...

FILLED! Microwave

We are currently looking for a microwave for a client in need. Does anyone have one they can donate? If so, please send us a private message so we can arrange a drop-off. Thank you!

FILLED! Access to Important Papers

This week we are working with a family who is struggling with some serious medical issues. They need to apply for Medicaid, however their social security cards and other important documents are currently locked in a storage facility that they cannot access due to...

New Car for Job

A man in need was recently able to aquire a good job after a long waiting period, but the job requires a right-side driving vehicle. We are looking for a used right-side driving vehicle, or a way to convert  a reasonably priced used car.

FILLED! Rent for Disabled Woman

We are currently working with a disabled woman who is struggling to make February's rent. We need $475 by Friday in order to take care of this need on time. If you can contribute any amount toward this need, please click the "donate" link at the top of the page. Thank...

FILLED! Tuition Help for Single Mom

We are working with a single mom who is trying to better her circumstances by attending college classes. She is $185 short on her tuition for her final semester. She is in good standing and this is all she needs to complete her program of study. If she is unable to...

FILLED! Car Repair for Single Mom

We have a new need this week - a single mom with multiple children is in dire need of car repairs. We are currently waiting on an estimate from our mechanic, but we know this will be a large need. If you able to donate toward this need, please follow the link below....

FILLED! Car Insurance for Elderly Client

We are currently working with an elderly client who is living on a fixed income, and needs help paying for their car insurance. They currently have no form of transportation until their insurance bill is paid. We are hoping to collect $167.40 to cover this need.