How to Become a Quiet Giver

Many of you already are. If you give to anything without bringing attention to your self to seek “reward”, then you are a “quiet giver.” Joining our organization is simple. No fees required! Just check in with us and you will get to hear real stories of residents in our community that could use a little help for one reason or another. Here are the different ways that you can continue to find out about needs in your “backyard”.



This is where you can see the most action. Trust us, it is worth creating an account just to view our givers in action. We will often have a need met within the hour. Most of the time within minutes. It is SO. MUCH. FUN.



Get notified when we post new needs. We send out emails whenever we post needs and updates. We do not spam.

Email Us


Send us an email.



Sometimes we have needs that don’t require money or “stuff”. Sometimes all we need is a helping hand. Agencies we network with after have needs for volunteers. We are a heat source for finding out how to help. Also, find out about projects Quiet Givers Inc. is involved with and lend a helping hand.