FILLED! Childcare Assistance

We have a single mother working full time for minimum wage who needs assistance with childcare during the day. Childcare costs are $85 per week for 3 weeks. She is only able to pay $50 a week. We are looking for at least $105 to cover this need. Thank you!

FILLED! Rent Assistance

DSS has passed along a need for someone who is about to undergo surgery, and needs help covering their rent while they are out of work. We are asking for $100 to cover May and June. Any amount you can donate would be greatly appreciated.

FILLED! New Mattress

We have a need passed on to us by Watauga Project on Aging. They have an elderly client who is sleeping on a 25+ year old mattress. The client has back problems and must rest frequently but is not able to become comfortable due to the lumps. They cannot afford to buy...

FILLED! New Dryer

Our 2nd need from DSS this week is in need of a new dryer or in need of their current dryer being repaired. The heating element is out and thus non-functional. This client is also on social security disability.

FILLED! Hot Water Heater

This week we are partnering with Watauga County DSS to help two disabled clients in need. Client #1 does not have any running hot water. We do not know what is causing the concerns at this time, but client is in need of someone to look at and repair the problem. DSS...