Car Repair

NEED #314 | WATAUGA – We are currently working with disabled elderly client who is in need of help getting her vehicle repaired.  She is on a fixed income and the parts and labor to have this completed will cost $149.80. We are looking to fill this immediately...

Heater Help

Update: Only $60. 14 remains for this need. Need #327 | WATAUGA – We are currently helping an elderly couple with a broken gas heater in their home. The cost for repair is $95.14, please donate what you can!

Car Repair (CLOSED)

(CLOSED) Need #326 | WATAUGA – A woman with a kidney disease needs her car repaired in order to get to and from dialysis 3 times a week. We are helping her with $158.00, please donate today!

Rent Assistance

NEED #325 | Ashe County – A recent widow is struggling to pay rent and utilities while she battles serious health issues. We are trying to help her pay $580.00 for rent. Please donate what you can!

Plumbing Repair (UPDATE)

(UPDATE) NEED #321 | WATAUGA – We are working with a disabled woman in Blowing Rock who needs her kitchen sink repaired. We are helping her pay $236.46 for this need. Any help would be greatly appreciated. You can contribute through the Donation button above and note...

Car Need for Domestic Violence Victim

NEED #320 | WATAUGA – We are currently working with a mother and child who have left a dangerous situation and are in need of a car right away. The child has special needs with serious medical problems. We are partnering with OASIS to help this mother so that...