WATAUGA | DSS has referred a family to us that has suffered some major setbacks. One parent is disabled and has been out of work for a year but has yet to receive their disability benefits. The other parent was recently injured and is now out of work. They have incurred an electric bill debt of $800. Their recent stimulus payment went toward covering rent and car payments since there is currently a moratoriumon electric shutoffs, but when the moratorium ends they are facing an insurmountable debt due to their circumstances and will likely have their power cut off before they’re able to pay it off. We would like to step in and alleviate this strain so that they can start fresh once they get their benefits and are able to return to work. In order to expedite payment on this large need, Quiet Givers is matching all donations up to $400 to make sure this gets filled quickly. If you would like to contribute toward this need, please click the button below. Thank you!