There is a new after-school program for children of lower income families in Watauga County. Currently, they are picking up children from three different schools, using only a mini-van that holds 6 passengers. The children’s ages range from 5-10 years old and at this time we have 16 children enrolled and we are expecting more and will accept up to as many as 35 children. This program will be referral-only, and payments will be income-based.

They want to try to help relieve the families of some of the cost of child care in Watauga County so that it will make working a job a worthwhile endeavor for families that have parents that need and want to work.

They are currently in need of a mini-bus or a 12 passenger van so that we can pick up as many children as possible, to serve as many families as possible, and to keep the cost of the program as low as possible for the families involved.

If anyone knows of anyone with a 12 passenger van they can donate or sell at a low cost, please let us know. This is a large need, but an important one. Thank you!