Welcome Agencies

Thank you for being a part of Quiet Givers Network! We have over 2,000 members who want to know how they can help you serve your client’s needs that existing programs and funding can’t serve.  Thank you for trusting us!

Ready, Set, Go!

Below is a new system in place for your agency referrals; select the appropriate portal and input the details of your need.

Agencies seeking to submit a referral can do so by creating an account and submitting a ticket through this link – https://needsquietgivers.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new.

For anyone that needs assistance referring a need through this new referral process email needs@quietgivers.org with your request for support and we’ll get right back in touch with you.

We value your feedback! Feel free to email us at board@quietgivers.org with any ideas that you believe will help us help better assist the community.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve,

Quiet Givers

Refer A Need

If one of your clients has a need that existing funding and programs can’t serve but genuinely requires relief, our members want to know.  We cover needs as simple as a bottle of lice shampoo to more complex needs such as replacing the roof on a home or paying for lifeline for an elderly person.  Quiet Givers’ unique network of connected community allows us to be flexible in the needs we respond to and the ways we can help.

Agency Profile Registration

We are building a database for our community service providers in Watauga County.  Quiet Givers understands that we  stand stronger as a collective US.  If you have not yet submitted a need through our new user system please take a moment to sign up, registration is a snap! Doing so will help you familiarize yourself with our new system and assist us in knowing you.

Agency Needs

We want to know what your needs are as an agency as well.  If you have a need for volunteers, supplies, gear, funding, announcements or anything else under the sun, we want to know.  Let us serve you as you seek to serve our community!