Western Watauga Food Outreach


In the beginning of 2015 a food distribution project was initiated in Western Watauga County. This project had been brewing amongst area agencies and churches for quite sometime now and now has the required start up funding!


Over 61% of the children at Bethel Elementary are enrolled in Free and Reduced Lunch. Many more would quality but will not apply. A trip for someone who lives in Bethel could easily take two hours of drive time and the cost of gas to get to and from the Hunger and Health Coalition. This has proven to be a significant barrier for many, many people in the western side of the community to get food. Western Watauga county is considered to be a food desert. There are so many people who go hungry do to a lack of easy access to food.


We have secured funding to launch a food distribution site at the Western Watauga Community Center. This project has base funding for the next 8 years, thanks to some very large donations! We are trying to match these base funds through monetary donations, fundraisers and community food drives. We may also apply for some smaller grants to ensure the security of the project.

Want to help?

We welcome anyone who is interested in helping with this project.  We would love to involve the residents of Vilas, Cove Creek, Bethel, and Zionville as much as possible in this process so they take stewardship of this project.  If you are an individual or part of a club, church or committee that would have interest in this project please let us know.  Contact us today!

Facts About Western Watauga county, as of July, 2014:

Total Population: 10,041
Vilas – population of 3,482
Cove Creek – 2,935
Zionville – 2,256
Bethel – 1,368


The following agencies were a part of the initial Western Watauga Food Outreach Board:

Bethel View United Methodist Church
F.A.R.M. ©
First Presbyterian Church Boone
Henson’s Chapel
Hospitality House Boone
Hunger and Health Coalition
Mabel United Methodist Church
Two Rivers Community School
Quiet Givers
Valle Crucis Methodist Church 
Watauga County Schools

The photo above shows a map of Watauga County.  The red star represents the approximate location of the Hunger and Health Coalition.  Many of the roads in Watauga County, especially those outside of Boone city limits, are two lane, windy, narrow and often very hilly creating more barriers for travel.

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